My car restoration days are behind me. I have three nice old cars to maintain and drive as long as I can keep my license. The question remains. What to do with the auto related tools and supplies I have accumulated over the last thirty plus years?

The following incomplete inventory is not really immense but how much will I use them again?

-various paint guns used for primer and finish coats;
-sixty gallon compressor with water separator for paint guns;
-tool box full of body tools;
-assortment of electric drills, bits and grinders;
-tool box full of hand and various electric sanders;
-tool drawer of metal files;
-MIG welder with various helmets;
-fresh air supply unit for painting;
-cupboards full of auto paint supples;
-drawer full of metal and wood sand papers of assorted grits;
-soldering tool box;
-six foot lathe;
-large industrial vacuum cleaner;
-large assortment of various steel, aluminum and brass pieces;
-large assortment of different types and sizes of clamps for metal and wood.

When I go through my large work bench drawers and cupboards in addition to the fourteen wall cabinets, I am sure I can add to the list.

What I have not included in the above list is the two metal drawer cabinets full of bought and inherited sockets, ratchets, and related tools. To sell these wonderful tools is just unthinkable, distasteful even immoral. I have not decrepitated to the extent of getting rid of these tools amassed in my lifetime.

So where am I now? I did sell my large compressor as I still have a handy small one for inflating the tires on my antiques. The MIG welder and fresh air supply unit are ready to go as is that large unused lathe. The various paint sprayers were in a box I know not where. The body tools can go whenever as I do not envision myself beating fenders to reduce dents and such. How am I doing?

Well! The point to be made is that I have accepted getting rid of some of my auto related inventory. How many more vehicles can a 71 year old man restore with no garage space. It just doesn’t make any sense. However I have had my eye on that nice restorable 40 Ford half ton.