My car buddy learned of a metal lathe up for sale by the widow of a car enthusiast. Would I be interested? It seemed like a good deal and an opportunity for me to keep active in my retirement doing some metal work. Sure why not?

My buddy and his friend delivered the lathe and set it up using a motor hoist. All went well and I was excited. Having taken an introductory lathe course years before at NAIT, I was sure I could handle all those thingamajigs.

First I would need a 220 outlet which was installed by my electrician friend. Luckily the breaker box was close. I did add to my collection of callipers and such which was enjoyable looking for them at auto swap meets. I also was able to accumulate pieces of brass to add to my collection as well as some long brass, steel and aluminum stock which I was sure I would use.

In addition, I wanted a back splash between lathe and wall. Asking one of my farm friends, I learned that the Hutterite Colony in Beiseker would probably be interested in making me one. My buddy went with me to the colony as he knew the boss man in their shop. We also met Cody a very talented shop worker who tolerated my crude back splash design. He did make an awesome heavy duty backsplash for a reasonable price. At my place, I painted the inside white and mounted the piece to the lathe and the wall. To keep the dirt and such away from the lathe, I bought a large BBQ cover which fit.

There was only a four jaw chuck as the three jaw chuck was not in the inventory. Oh well, let’s get at it, which I did. I was able to work on some solid brass stock to get a feel for the lathe. I also had an instruction book I found on How To Use A Metal Lathe. I’m sure it would come in handy.

Well that was the extent of my machinist experience. I covered up the lathe with that nice fitting BBQ cover and continued working on my three old cars. The covered lathe sat there taking up space in front of 28 Lasalle in case I ever needed it over the years. And there it sat.

Finally in one of my downsizing moods, I sold it to a machinist buddy for his acreage. Soon he will drive down with his trailer and forklift it and take it away. I sold it at a loss but I am somewhat compensated by the facts that it is going to a good home and I can sure use the space for all those boxes of my car related treasures.