A number of years ago a fellow old car enthusiast and now retired AC pilot, asked if I wanted to go with him while he removed fog lights from an old wrecked Mercedes Benz…a road trip which included an old car, well of course.

As I was not needed to assist him to remove the lights I snooped through the wreck. One never knows what treasures await. Sure enough, in the trunk was a NOS grey painted metal roof insert. It was just too nice a piece of metal to leave there. I thought if I needed a piece of metal sometime in the future I would have it. Well of course I kept that chunk of metal and never marred it over the years.

While attending an Airdrie art show, I met an awesome artist, Sharon Shuttleworth. We discussed my idea of having her create a painting of my 1928 Lasalle. She was excited by the idea. Slowly our ideas meshed. We centred on an oil painting of my Lasalle on that Benz metal roof. What a concept! What an artist! As I sit in my chair, I can admire my 28 Lasalle accurately shown on that Mercedes Benz roof insert.