Correct me if I misinterpreted the information I read on the Internet.

The Merrick Auto Museum in Alda, NE has consigned 100 antique vehicles to Sotheby’s Auction without reserve for October 10-11, 2019 in Hersey, Pennsylvania.

My interest in this auction is not to buy one of these awesome vehicles but to learn the selling price of the 1928 Lasalle Five Passenger Coupe by Fisher. Why you ask? I have the same vehicle and am damn nosey to learn what this restored museum vehicle will fetch.

This museum vehicle is listed with Engine No. 222238 and Body No. 606. My Lasalle has Engine No. 220463 with Body No. 855. There were only 1001 of these vehicles produced with five being exported. These Lasalles are rare classics indeed. There was only two years that the 303-90 degree eight cylinder engine was produced. I might add that the wheel choices included wood spoke shown on the auction Lasalle, wire wheels and solid disc wheels. My Lasalle has the more rare solid disc wheels. Otherwise the Lasalles are very similar. The big difference for the buyer would be the originality of these two Lasalles.

We might assume that the museum Lasalle is a restored original. The extent of the restoration if any would be required by the potential buyers. My Lasalle, on the other hand, is a basket case restoration completed after thirty years.