My last few visits to Tims showed a small pile of booklets on top of the waste unit. I grabbed one for a look see. As I was scanning through the various ads I came across an ad from the Elnora Cemetery. It was a very unusual request for sure. My interest was piqued. As I had already planned to visit a friend in Trochu that week, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to visit Elnora which was located about seventeen kilometres north on highway 21. I arranged a time with my friend in Trochu which would include a visit to Elnora.

My usual drive on highway 791 has always been a pleasant trip as there tends to be little to no traffic heading north. Unfortunately, the scenery was very depressing due to most cops still in the fields from the rain and recent snow. It will really be a tough year for our farmers.

In the distant north I noticed heavy fog which I entered when I turned right on highway #27 and headed east. It seemed to be laying on the highway so I slowed down where required. When I reached the end of highway 27, I turned north on highway #21 to Trochu. My friend was waiting at his house so he hopped in my Honda and we drove back to highway 21 north to Elnora.

Elnora population is approximately 300 persons. We easily drove through the community until we found someone who could direct us to their cemetery. We didn’t drive far enough south before turning back to Elnora for directions. Finally we found someone who headed us down the same stretch we had just left. We did reach the cemetery and went for a walk about.

The white grave markers with a cross indicated the Field of Honour. In one row we found an area where there was little grass which we assumed was the place where the urn was found.

On a Sunday morning, I called the posted phone number in the ad. A very friendly woman answered my question regarding the urn in her email as follows:

I don’t think you understand that the urn is already buried. Sometimes
people just buried their family members in the Cemetery and couldn’t afford
a head stone and never thought to let the Cemetery People know about it.
We know he/she is a member of the armed forces because of the “Lest We
Forget”, the cross, poppy and we think the Legion Poppy they say at the
Legion on the one side of the urn. If we don’t find out who he/she is, we
will put a plaque between the two plots for the “Unknown Soldier” and
leave it at that.

The woman said the urn was dated post 1965 but no other information could be gleaned from it and so the mystery continues.