There she sits. Uncovered and ready to go. Yet she sits. It only takes a short sequence of steps to get her mobile. On the passenger side or driver side you release the two hood latches and very, very carefully lift the hood to access the gas shut off valve. Lower the hood and reattach the two hood latches if one intends to drive the car.

Now that there will be fuel for the engine the next step is battery power. Enter the car and reach across and press down the back rest onto the passenger seat. Lift the seat so it moves under the dash. Lift the carpet back to expose the oak floor. Pull up the embedded metal ring and pull up the oak access panel covering the battery. Tighten down the green knob for power. Reverse your steps.

The car is now ready to start. Turn the key in dash to the right and gently pull out the ignition button. Check that the floor mounted gear shifter is in neutral. Place your right foot on the far right floor starter button and your left foot on the gas petal beside it. Pull back the choke when you depress the starter. It may take a couple of times but the old Lady will start up.

Push in the clutch petal, move the gear shift to top left for reverse and back up out of the the garage. Once you have moved the Lady down the drive way you are ready to drive.

Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Remember that steering is the total Armstrong method. Believe me that is easier to turn the Lady under power rather than otherwise. Stopping the Lady can also be a challenge even with four wheel brakes.

Since I built the Lady, I do know how to drive her but still she sits. Another driving season will have passed us by and only a few miles are shown. What is the problem?

In 2020, the Lady will have been in my garages for 30 years during its restoration. It has been drivable for a number of years yet there it sits. I have contemplated selling the old girl so someone else can enjoy this rare classic but I just can’t get my head around letting it go. Others have suggested that I give it to a museum but that is a far fetched idea at this time.

So this soon to be 92 year old beauty rests in my garage until I can decide what to do. How pathetic is that?