Weird name to match the similar problem created by the neighbours and their love of squirrels. They insist on feeding them peanuts in the shell. Between the crows and the squirrels the neighbours have their entertainment and I have their problem

Crows leave the shells everywhere, eavestrough, water fountain and bird bath to mention a few. The squirrels have to bury their nuts and my flower urns and pot are top notch locales. Unfortunately for me, they dig up and destroy my flowers.

Finally, I came upon a method to deke them out. I cut circles in the light plastic mesh used on fruit trees and bushes and lay the mesh in each of my flower pots and flower urns. To hold down the mesh, I use four pucks per pot and urn to hold down the mesh. I then scissor out an area to plant my geraniums, whatever. So far I am batting 100%.

Where do I get the pucks? They are freebies from my daily walks around the local outdoor rinks. Our local scrub players just leave them in the snow and don’t collect them. I pick them up by the handful.

If your flower beds, pots, or urns are hampered or harassed by the squirrel population, give this tried and true method of deking out these fiends.