Car buddy came over for a visit today. After working hours on the Bonney tilt yesterday, I was glad to see him as I wanted to take Bonney for a test drive. Fortunately the weather cooperated after a morning of fog.

We headed out east on Hgy. #567 to #791 North. We only noticed one field with three John Deer combines working. We continued up to the Carstairs road west. Bonney handled well as did the newly installed tranny kick down for the tri-power. Car buddy did a great job installing the tilt and tri-power. As far as I am concerned Bonney’s upgrades are complete. It is time to just drive the car and enjoy it.

There was a car show today in Cremona that a number of the Airdrie car club members were attending. I was there last year so I didn’t mind missing it even though it did turn into a beautiful day. My choice was to sit in a chair in Cremona or wander about looking at nice cars or weather permitting be driving a nice car. I chose the latter.

We stopped at Carstairs’ Tims, sat outside in the warm sunshine then put the top down for the trip home via Hgy. 2A. The drive back was relaxing and uneventful. We took the turnoff at Crossfield and drove the service road back to Airdrie.

All in all it was a great test drive and Bonney proved its worth.