When I had progressed to restoring the interior of my 1928 Lasalle five passenger coupe, my research from auto books, and letters to owners of Cadillacs and Lasalle as there was no Internet revealed my paucity of interior essentials. It wasn’t a shock as there was no interior in the wreck except for part of the rear curtain and part of a hand strap on the passenger side post.

Interior parts such as corner lights, dome light, side curtains and of course the very rare bud vases were non existent. My search for the interior essentials had to include auto swap meets. For example, bud vases when I did find any on swap meet tables were rarely in pairs, rarely with brackets and always out of my price range.

An article I found in Hemmings entitled Antique Auto Bud Vases on Display says it all especially the high quality found in the bud vases and their brackets. The vases found in my search area had been picked over and the quality ones most likely ending up in private collections.

The Hemmings article did explain the necessity of bud vases to hold fresh cut flowers or perfumed silk flowers in those closed body vehicles to reduce the smell, stink, whatever! Let your mind ponder that explanation for awhile then check your vehicle for air fresheners.

I was fortunate to acquire through a car club buddy a matching pair of bud vases that did not require brackets. The vases had a hole in the upper back so they could be attached in the car. The vases in my Lasalle hold artificial flowers which reflect the location and usage of auto bud vases.