40 Ford Story


In 2015, I inherited my friend’s 1940 Ford. It is now part of my collection and I drive it as often as time and weather permit. As the vast majority of the restoration of this car was done by Alf, it would be only right that I recap his accomplishments based on a car club article published in the APAC NEWSLETTER.


Alf was driving his restored 41 Ford to an US International Auto meet (1982) when he made a pit stop in Lincoln, Montana. Upon seeing Alf’s car, a local approached him and asked whether he was interested in a Ford parked at his mom’s place. Alf agreed to look at the car. It was a 1940 Ford Tudor Standard similar to the 40 Ford his dad had owned. Obviously Alf’s interest was piqued especially as it was a near rust free car and the asking price was $600.00. The car was missing the engine, tranny, rad, some glass and other pieces but it was restorable. Alf left a deposit and returned later with a trailer to take it home. Alf was busy on another project so he had to store it on a farm until 1998.


Alf located and installed a later model flathead which lasted him for the rest of his life. When I inherited the car, the engine had a number of issues. Eventually I replaced the engine with a 51 Merc flathead which was rebuilt at a machine shop in Crossfield.

As with most car restorers, Alf took advantage of the swap meets and flea markets to hunt down needed car parts. A friend was restoring a car and was able to provide Alf with a much needed rad which fit in his 40 Ford. The body work was done by Alf. The car was painted in his garage by a car buddy from Crossfield.

The car came with only one tail light on the driver side. Alf added the passenger side light fixture. He also replace the newly painted headlight rings with chrome ones giving it that Ford Deluxe look. The car was upholstered by a local shop and it is still in the car and wears well.


This Ford can often be seen, driven by me in and around Airdrie and vicinity, weather permitting. It still draws lots of attention as it did in Alf’s time. I have no hesitation at all in starting and driving the car. The newly installed 51 Merc engine is a powerful flathead. As a result, I ordered a MotiveGear Performance ring and pinion which sits on my workbench as I wait for a Ford person who can install and set it up correctly. Keep a eye out for it if you are ever in the area.