My car buddy had a business call to make in Medicine Hat. We had to stop at the Tilley junk yard first as Dale the owner planned to close at noon. We drove from Airdrie in my buddy’s VW rental and were in the junk yard at 9:30 am.

It was a repeat visit as we had found a power seat mechanism in a 71 Olds station wagon which is now installed in my 65 Pontiac Bonneville convertible from a previous visit. This road trip was to keep my buddy company and just snoop through the 40 acres of wrecks as one never knows when a treasure will reveal itself.

Sure enough, my buddy looked through the junk on the front seat of a 65 Parisienne and behold he finds a driver side front headlight trim piece. It was in rough shape from weathering and three breaks in the pot metal but it was a rare find.

After our trek through more rows of wrecks with the occasional photo,we headed back to meet Dale the owner. Initially, he wanted $20.00 for the damaged Pontiac piece but settled on $10.00 which I was glad to pay.

Keith negotiated on a Pontiac “dog dish” hubcap. After paying we were ready to leave for Tilley and the Trans Canada for Medicine Hat.Eventually we found the new construction space for the Dollarama in the Medicine Hat Mall. Keith did his needed window measurement and we left for Tims in the mall. With coffee in hand we found the VW and drove to #1 West. We were back in Airdrie by 4:30 pm. All in all, a great road trip.