Pontiac Bonneville- Fourth Generation 1965-1970

A few years back I agreed with my car buddy that he should order a tri-power for my Bonneville 389 engine. Why did I want it? Great question. I guess because it was an option available on Pontiac 389 engines.

The tri-power was purchased in the US and shipped to a friend of my buddy’s in Kalispell, Montana. On his next trip to Kalispell, my buddy picked up the crated tri-power, cleared it through customs and delivered it to my address. Shortly after it was delivered my buddy removed the original four barrel and installed the tri-power in Bonney. The four barrel was placed in the well built crate and now sits in my basement storage space.

According to WIKIPEDIA the Pontiac 389 V8 engine was the standard engine for the Pontiac GTO through 1966. Beginning in 1961 the Pontiac V-8 (389 and 421) was dubbed the Trophy V-8, due to its many victories in racing.

The term tri-power was used by Pontiac for its three-barrel carbureted induction system. The tri-power was available from 1957 to 1966 on other of its engines including its 389. Bonnevilles and other models that were factory equipped with tri-power are still in demand.