Once the power seat upgrade was completed this year (2019) on Bonney, it wasn’t long afterwards that my car buddy mentioned that another option available for Bonnevilles was a tilt steering column found on many GM vehicles of that era. A look on the Internet soon produced a 65 Pontiac tilt column. We had it sent to Kalispell, MT and when the opportunity arose my car buddy pick it up and brought it to my garage.

Total restoration and painting were needed to match my car. It required experience and tenacity which I lack so other than some cleaning and painting the restoration was out of my league. My car buddy took on the task. We were held up in the final installation when we had to order in an essential piece. We also needed to have the three levers chromed.

What was lost in not being able to drive Bonney in our limited driving weather opportunities here in Alberta will be made up in the fact that it is the last upgrade going in Bonney. Please don’t quote me on the proclamation?