The 1940 Ford was another car that I wanted an oil painting to be completed by Sharon Shuttleworth. The idea for a different picture frame came to me on a visit to my car buddy Bert’s acreage in Olds. Included in his many, many car, truck and tractor pieces was a single Model T door from a doctor’s coupe. The bottom of this door was rotted up to the bottom hinge but the rusted handle was still attached.

I thought my 40 Ford painting mounted in the window of that Model T door would make for a most unusual piece of artwork. Remembering that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, I asked Sharon to complete the painting on a piece of material suitable to fit in the car window.

While Sharon slaved away on the artwork I went about “restoring” that rotted door. After giving the door a good wash with hose and brush, I marked off the door skin from the top of that bottom hinge across to the other side. With a metal cutting blade in my hand grinder, I cut off the rotted section of door skin. I then rested the door on a piece of 2×4 and traced off the bottom of the door. I cut the wood to fit snugly inside the door. I marked off equidistant pilot holes to accommodate copper nails I hammered into the piece of 2×4 inside the door letting the nail heads show. Once the nailing was done, I painted the wood.

I left the door with all of its dents, bumps and rusty patina. I wiped it down and gave it a few shots of clear coat. Once Sharon had finished the painting, I fitted the painting into the window opening and mounted the door on the high wall in the front entrance. A wonderful painting of the 40 Ford and a great conversation piece.